800 arrows per day and lack of tournaments, Atanu Das’ archery problem for Tokyo 2021 Olympics

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Archery in India has a wealthy tradition proper from historical instances. Be it the tales of Arjuna or the abilities of Rama and Lakshmana, the archery of those warriors have been legendary. In fashionable instances, in relation to archery preparation for a significant Olympics, how does an athlete put together? Here is an perception from one among India’s upcoming stars. Six to seven months earlier than a significant occasion just like the Tokyo Olympics 2021, the archer shoots 800 arrows a day so as to hit perfection. That is 50 arrows per hour, if you happen to embrace eight hours of sleep. That is one arrow per minute. Focus, goal, shoot. It is repeated everytime and shortly. Having established a coaching regime of 800 arrows per day to get into the groove, he reduces it right down to 600 when the Olympics is 2 to 3 months away. When there may be solely every week or 10 days to go, he reduces it to 200 per day.

All that is required for recurve archery success is a sport of superb margins and large disappointments. No one is aware of higher than this 27-year-old archer from Baranagar in West Bengal From being rejected in his first trials, to lacking a berth within the 2012 London Olympics to lacking out on a possible medal in Rio 2016 by one level, Atanu Das has confronted a roller-coaster journey on this planet of recurve archery. In such a brief span, Atanu Das is aware of the pitfalls of how hurtful a detailed loss might be.

“Everyone knows my journey and I do not want to repeat it again. If you look at 2010 and now in 2020, I am a totally different person as a human being and as an archer. What I was in Rio 2016, I have upgraded myself for 2021. I am not the person to complain. If we can improve it, we must improve,” Atanu Das mentioned completely to DNA India.

However, heading into the now postponed 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Atanu Das is an upgraded particular person when it comes out mindset and in abilities, having secured bronze within the Asian Archery Championship in Bangkok in 2019. Atanu Das additionally settled for silver within the World Championships in s’Hertogenbosch within the Netherlands. As in comparison with Rio 2016, Tokyo 2021 preparations are in a a lot better form and that has put Atanu Das in an ideal mind-set.

Too few tournaments

Atanu Das mentioned that the issue with recurve archery athletes in India is that they’re thrown straight into the cauldron of the Olympics with out having an opportunity to play in main tournaments previous the occasion so as to gauge their strengths, weaknesses and psychological energy. Success in tournaments earlier than Olympics makes an archer conscious of what he must do to win, in response to Atanu Das.

“We play very few tournaments. the main point is the other countries play a lot more tournaments. I mean a large number of tournaments. In the whole year, there are tournaments every month and in 90 percent of the tournaments, many nations participate. The more you play in these tournaments, the better you will be able to gauge your weaknesses and strengths. How to improve our mental strength is also done by participating in these tournaments. For us, we hardly participate in three tournaments. If it is a World Championship year, then four. We play a maximum of four tournaments and then we go into the Olympic year. All these things matter. As compared to India, other countries play on an average 15-16 tournaments,” Atanu Das mentioned.

There is a further downside in recurve archery. Before each event, there’s a choice trial. Other archery occasions should not topic to this choice. This creates a variety of psychological uncertainty because the participant can play a most of two occasions. “Before every tournament, when I talk about recurve, there is a selection trial. The rest of the archery events do not have selection trials. For the whole year, that team is fixed. They will play 7-8 tournaments. In our case, we play a maximum of two tournaments before going into another selection process. We have to give 3-4 selection trials. It creates some uncertainties,” Atanu Das mentioned.

Atanu Das is bittersweet concerning the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics to 2021 however is glad that not less than camps have resumed.

“When the Tokyo Olympics was postponed, at one end, I felt we were doing such a great preparation with few days remaining. It was postponed and we had so much time. This is a new thing for us. In my career or for that matter, anyone’s career, just sitting without doing anything for six months was unprecedented. Lack of proper training for six months was very tough. Now, it is not tough as we are back in training. If we can start playing tournaments, it will be beneficial for us. Directly jumping into the Tokyo Olympics will be counter-productive to us. I am happy that camps have resumed. If we start playing tournaments, we will get better,” Atanu Das mentioned.

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