China views India as an impediment, says Bruno Macaes at WION Global Summit

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WION Global Summit on “Decoding China” right this moment dissected China’s new helmsman Xi Jinping with thought leaders the world over.

It’s greater than a coincidence that China has resorted to army motion within the Galwan Valley even because the coronavirus which originated in Wuhan has ravaged the planet.

During the summit, Derek Grossman, senior defence analyst, Rand Corporation, stated: “The common narrative is that the timing of the Galwan incident is mostly related to China trying to exploit the coronavirus pandemic for its own geopolitical gain but the problem is that there is simply no evidence.”

China has refuted all allegations, saying all it needs is to “maintain peace” and assist different nations in attempting instances.

Gautam Bambawale, India’s former ambassador to China, defined: “As a reaction to the COVID-19 situation across the world, the Chinese have come out diplomatically swinging in all directions, what they describe as the wolf warrior diplomacy. I don’t think this is doing them any good.”

According to Bruno Macaes, former Europe minister of Portugal, China is to some extent “in intimidating India. It views India as an obstacle and as a problem.”

Intimidating India or exercising its unjust energy has turn out to be China’s main goal lately, the consultants felt at WION’s Global Summit.

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