How many Humvees will stay after the US Army brings in its Joint Light Tactical Vehicle?

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WASHINGTON — The U.S. Army is making an attempt to stability its automobile fleet between Joint Light Tactical Vehicles and Humvees, in response to service management accountable for acquisition and power improvement.

The JLTV was meant to interchange the Humvee fleet, however not one-for-one, and it’s unclear what number of Humvees the Army could maintain or purchase along with the JLTV fleet, which is a dearer automobile.

Oshkosh beat out Humvee-maker AM General and Lockheed Martin in 2015 to construct the alternative for the Humvee for each the Army and the Marine Corps. The low-rate preliminary manufacturing contract was value $6.7 billion, and your entire program is estimated to be value $30 billion by means of 2024.

Since a manufacturing contract was awarded in 2015, Oshkosh mentioned in July, it has delivered 7,500 whole autos to the U.S. and companions overseas.

“There’s still going to be 50,000 Humvees in the Army after we field that last JLTV out there way to the right,” Lt. Gen. James Pasquarette, the Army G-8, instructed Defense News in an Oct. Eight interview.

The JLTV is a “significant improvement over the Humvee when it comes to transportability, speed and agility as well as protection,” Bruce Jette, the Army acquisition chief, instructed Defense News in an Oct. 6 interview.

“However, I have an objective of 50,000 Humvees still in place or alternative, light, less expensive vehicles to be able to perform mission requirements in the future,” he mentioned. “So how do we maintain the existing fleet effectively as we modernize with the JLTVs, and part of that, as we buy JLTV, we are essentially divesting of an armored Humvee and we will continue to do that.”

The Army is procuring 49,099 JLTVs by fiscal 2041, which can go away about 50,000 Humvees that can must be within the fleet.

The service lowered its deliberate JLTV procurement numbers over the previous two finances cycles. In FY20, the Army minimize its JLTV request by 863 autos. The service procured 3,393 autos in FY19 in low-rate preliminary manufacturing, however solely deliberate to purchase 2,530 autos in FY20. The Army initially deliberate in its FY19 request to purchase 3,035 autos in FY20.

In FY21, the Army once more lowered its purchase. While that minimize wouldn’t have an effect on the Army’s total prime line requirement for the JLTV, it will prolong the method to purchase the autos out by further years.

The Army has requested $140 million in its FY21 finances request, at the moment being debated on Capitol Hill, for Humvee recapitalization, retrofitting anti-lock brake programs and a few newly constructed autos.

The army will proceed to want the uparmored Humvee fleet, Jette mentioned, “in part because of unit price and in part because of overall funding,” because the automobile fulfills necessities by means of a inexpensive avenue.

The Army carried out an evaluation primarily based upon the goal goal necessities to establish stability the finances to satisfy these necessities, Jette mentioned.

The service has additionally closed on its FY22 finances, Pasquarette mentioned, including: “I will tell you a lot of our legacy wheeled fleets, we took a look, a good hard look at them and looking at viability of the fleet over time and how much money do you need to put into them to keep them viable and operational knowing that there’s not a plan to replace them.”

The Army “did tee up options on how much you have to put in, how much do you have to procure every year on the front end to keep the fleet at a certain age so that it’s viable,” Pasquarette mentioned. “You’ll see where it landed when the FY22 [budget] opens up.”

Beyond that, the Army Requirements Oversight Council is conducting a research, which can conclude in FY22, to find out the proper numbers of required gentle tactical autos, together with the Infantry Squad Vehicle.

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