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I’m extra pleased than unhappy, says Arundhati Roy

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Calls the perspective of the government. ‘narrow’

Reacting to the withdrawal of her ebook Walking with the Comrades by Manonmaniam Sundaranar University following objections from the ABVP, author Arundhati Roy on Thursday mentioned she was extra pleased than unhappy about it as a result of she had no concept that her work was half the curriculum, within the first place.

“I am glad that it was taught for several years. I am not in the least bit shocked or surprised that it has been removed from the syllabus now. It was my duty as a writer to write it. It is not my duty to fight for its place in a university curriculum. That is for others to do or not do,” she mentioned.

She mentioned that both means the ebook had been extensively learn, and “as we know bans and purges” don’t stop writers from being learn. “This narrow, shallow, insecure attitude towards literature, displayed by our current regime, is not just detrimental to its critics. It is detrimental to millions of its own supporters,” she mentioned.

Ms. Roy mentioned it could restrict and stunt our collective mental capability as a society and a rustic, striving for a spot of respect and dignity on this planet.

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