Lightning Logistics to develop EV fleet

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Shreyas Shibulal, son of Infosys co-founder S.D. Shibulal, has drawn up plans to broaden the fleet capability of Lightning Logistics, a pure play electrical car last-mile supply agency, over the following two years.

“Lightning Logistics was started in 2018 under the EV-focussed venture Micelio,” mentioned Mr. Shibulal, founder, Micelio Mobility. “It is in a pilot stage with a fleet of about 1,000 EVs.

“We are planning to add 1,000 EVs next year and another 2,000 the following year. We are developing our own two-wheeler for last-mile logistics. Details will be revealed at a later stage,” he mentioned. Lightning Logistics offers companies with a motorcycle and rider for doorstep deliveries.

The product improvement group of Micelio is engaged on EV last-mile logistics and EV type issue for logistics car, he mentioned. “The EVs we are using right now are procured off-the-shelf and they haven’t been made for last-mile logistics purposes. Going forward, we will have our own EVs produced by our product company. The first vehicle will be delivered by mid-next year. It is meant for B2B customers.”

“From a look and feel perspective, it may look quite similar to what you’re used to from a two-wheeler. But the idea here is that it would be used for EV last-mile logistics. We want to build a vehicle that would outperform anything else that’s out there in the market for EV last-mile logistics,” he mentioned.

Asked concerning the location and funding, he mentioned that they have been but to freeze on the placement. The funding will come from his private wealth. Mr. Shreyas owns little lower than 1% stake in Infosys Ltd. and mentioned he didn’t wish to go public or dilute his stake not less than for the following two years.

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