Modi will take nation ahead: Kushboo

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Actor-politician Kushboo Sundar, who has been a vocal critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP and its insurance policies, joined the ruling social gathering on Monday afternoon after tendering her resignation to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, accusing some leaders within the Congress of pushing and suppressing individuals like her.

Speculation was rife up to now few months that the BJP was wooing her. Even final week, Ms. Sundar had launched a scathing assault on the BJP and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at a rally to sentence the Hathras gangrape and the occasions that unfolded following the dying of the woman.

Terming her becoming a member of the BJP as “taking a step forward”, she stated on Monday: “I have come to understand that if a nation has to move forward, we need someone like our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji to take the nation in its right direction and to its glory. I am completely at service to the BJP and I will do my best to make sure that my State Tamil Nadu [BJP] sees victory in the upcoming elections”.

“I have done today what I should have done long back. I had to be loyal to the place I was in, before I submitted my resignation,” she advised reporters. She refused to call who within the Congress had suppressed her.

‘Duty to criticise’

“Change is constant in people’s lives. Yes, I have spoken against the PM and the BJP very harshly. But now I am able to see what is good for the country. When a party [Congress] is not able to control its own organisation, how will it run the country?” she requested.

She identified that because the spokesperson of the Opposition, she needed to criticise the ruling social gathering. She stated she had additionally praised a few of its initiatives.

She stated there have been no corruption fees towards anybody within the BJP and that the Congress didn’t have a majority within the Parliament as a result of individuals didn’t trust within the social gathering.

Ms. Sundar additional added that her ideology would stay the identical, though she had modified her social gathering. “I am more of an activist than a politician,” she stated.

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