Nevada Revokes Halt on Rapid Antigen Testing in Nursing Homes

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Every week later, nonetheless, Admiral Giroir cracked down on Nevada’s “illegal” prohibition on BD’s and Quidel’s checks, which he mentioned had imperiled the residents and workers of nursing properties throughout the state. “They cannot supersede the PREP Act,” he mentioned.

The false positives that had emerged, Admiral Giroir mentioned, weren’t solely anticipated however “actually an outstanding result.” No take a look at is ideal, he mentioned.

In the Nevada assertion, Dr. Azzam reaffirmed his considerations with the variety of false positives that had arisen. “If this laboratory data discrepancy had been reported to Dr. Giroir, we would hope he would have taken the same action as Nevada,” he mentioned. “We too want more testing with rapid turnaround in Nevada, but the results of those tests must be accurate, as they affect clinical care.”

The state’s nursing services can resume use of BD’s and Quidel’s merchandise, in keeping with a brand new Nevada directive issued on Oct. 9. But Nevada’s division of health additionally really useful that each one antigen take a look at outcomes, optimistic or detrimental, be confirmed by a laboratory take a look at that depends on a gradual however very correct and dependable approach referred to as polymerase chain response, or P.C.R. False negatives, officers famous, threat exposing wholesome individuals in nursing properties to somebody who’s unknowingly contagious. False positives, alternatively, may immediate the position of an individual who’s properly right into a unit with sick individuals, additionally rising the possibility of an infection.

“Both of these scenarios could result in causing harm to a population that we have collectively worked so hard to protect,” the directive mentioned. State health officers, it mentioned, would additionally proceed to research the usage of BD’s and Quidel’s merchandise.

“We need to better understand the issue before encouraging mass use of such tools among our most vulnerable citizens,” Dr. Azzam mentioned. “We are not saying the tests have no use, we are just saying pause for further review and additional training.”

In a press release, Admiral Giroir mentioned he and his colleagues have been “pleased” about Nevada’s reversal. “This serves as a valuable public policy discussion that benefits the public interest by deterring unilateral prohibitions or similar actions in other states or jurisdictions,” he mentioned.

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