Ravi Shastri turns entrepreneur, set to launch grooming merchandise

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For shut to 6 months he lived in his farm home in Alibag. “The bloody virus was moving around like a tracer bullet,” his laughter confirming his frame of mind. Now, as he turns an entrepreneur by launching a spread of hygiene and grooming product line known as 23 Yards, he ventures into an unknown zone.

“Not really. I have travelled enough to understand this business and I am excited at the prospects,” Shastri informed Sportstar. In partnership with Ador Multiproducts Ltd, he will likely be creating merchandise like face wash, aftershave, physique wash, hand sanitisers and deodorants.

Can’t you sit idle, one requested him. “I was sitting idle when this bubble burst. When it burst, I had to do something. I had a handy exposure to life for 40 years. I always found that these essentials and grooming products are part of your travelling life. On the many tours I went to, one of my first stops would be for different shoes, perfumes, deodorants, after shave, shaving gel. Not just me, most members of the team wanted to pick up these essentials. They were not accessories but essentials. Like a mobile phone today. The festival season is coming and it is the best time to launch the products. It has a tremendous range of essentials.”

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He detailed his strategy of turning to this enterprise. “Ador are the masters. They do it for who is who of the society. They asked me if I was interested and I told them the name would come from me. I chose 23 Yards because all these years my life has been around 22 yards. To be recognised for your effort you have to go to the 23rd yard. Whether to win the World Cup, accolades with the team, as broadcaster, coach, going from No 10 to No 1 in the batting order, you have to walk that extra yard. Rather than being afraid, which majority are, I walked that extra yard. That’s why this name.”

He agreed there have been different merchandise too to provide a stiff competitors. “I was always curious to try something new. It was Old Spice when I started and then something else, and then, something else. It is a 5.5 billion dollar industry with a targeted growth of 40 percent growth every year. There are players in the market but there is room for new players.”

Shastri credited his grooming at home the explanation for his being so grounded. “Travel and exposure has helped me. Travelling by train, bus, to practice at the Wankhede Stadium, and, when taking a train to go back, the first thing would be to look for a deodorant for a feel good factor. Something to splash on your face, get the fragrance to keep you going. The business part I learnt from meeting people. This is something that was part of my life style.”

Shastri travelling in buses and trains? Hard to consider! “I have traveled in buses and trains. That’s why these products are aimed at masses. It was masses who came to watch us. I was also once among the masses sitting in the stands. These products are for 18-plus. They are affordable and made in India. It will be manufactured in Pondicherry. I have tried to understand the subject. I know what is popular and what do people like.”

How a lot being a cricketer helped him undertake varied challenges in life? “Which different individual will likely be uncovered to the lots like a cricketer. I’ve been touring from the age of 14 in native trains and buses. I nonetheless keep in mind bus quantity 314 took me to my college. I do know bus quantity 90 will carry me to Colaba the place I now keep. I do know which prepare takes me the place. I do know all of the routes by coronary heart nonetheless. Just like you’ll reel off which participant was caught at sq. leg or caught off prime edge in a selected match, who ran out who. You can’t obtain something in life in the event you overlook the place you got here from, I do know the place I got here from. I’ve performed in locations like Siliguri, Pune, Thiruvananthapuram, Visakhapatnam, Srinagar, Jaipur, the size and breadth of the nation, travelling in every kind of transport. Travelling a day and quarter for my first Ranji Trophy sport (in opposition to Bihar in March 1980) to Jamshedpur with the likes of (Sunil) Gavaskar, (Dilip) Vengsarkar, (Sandeep) Patil, (Karsan) Ghavri, (Padmakar Shivalkar), Suru (Nayak)….


Lockdown in Alibag

So, how was the lockdown at Alibag? “It was basically reflecting and refreshing your mind. I did things I had not done for a long time, lot of yoga, walking and reading. Lot of swimming too. I feel physically and mentally in much better shape.

Shastri was upbeat on the new normal of playing in a bio-bubble. “Fantastic the way they have pulled of the IPL. Brijesh and his team. Not easy. Bubbles have been created and are followed. Players adhere to it strictly. Cricket is totally different now. Like you are in jail. Room to ground and back to the room. There are designated areas and you have to stay within them. You can’t break the bubble. Tough times because it can become very lonely. Hats off to the players the way they have adapted.”

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He praised the commentary group too. “They are doing a great job. Keeping the energies levels up. The noise adds to it. The viewership is like never before because people are at home. I see smiles on the faces of the people when I go out.”

Shastri, nevertheless, hoped the spectators would return to the venues. “The mental part is very important. When you have people around you the adrenaline is different. You go into a slump and you suffer more when there is none around. You see the same people day in and day out. Same room day in and day out.  You see same faces everywhere. I have not experienced it but hats off to guys who are coping with it as if everything is normal when it is not normal. You have to be more strong mentally. Not an easy thing. You are struggling for space, there are strict dos and donts. There is a road defined and you have to stick to it.”

The Australia tour

Is the group able to journey to Australia later this yr? “Absolutely ready! We switch on when we get to the situation. Bigger switch than ever before once you get to that zone. You are waiting. You are prepared.”

His parting shot was his response to views on the media. “You are the guys who put us on the map. Where was TV those days. It was Sportstar and The Hindu so passionate about sports. The number of Sportstar covers and posters I have. My mother has preserved them all. She has kept this treasure for me and it is so refreshing to go through them again.”

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