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Sweden, U.S. Election, French Open: Your Friday Briefing

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Within the clichés have been grains of fact. A couple of of them:

The smile: “Stop smiling,” Emily’s boss, Sylvie, instructions. “People will think you are stupid.” Americans smile at strangers; Parisians don’t, which helps clarify why some Americans discover Parisians impolite.

The voice: “Why are you shouting?” a colleague asks when Emily makes her first presentation. Yes, Americans have a tendency to talk rather more loudly than the French. As a journalist accustomed to yelling on worldwide calls, I needed to be reminded by my two daughters to decrease my voice on the Métro.

Perfume: Emily confesses that she is “not usually a perfume girl.” It’s true, fragrance is integral to French atmosphere, and to the id of many ladies right here. “I want to get to know you better,” a feminine French buddy mentioned, after asking me what fragrance I put on.

Work: “Are you crazy,” Sylvie tells Emily when she talks enterprise at a night reception. We are at a “soiree,” not on a “conference call,” she provides. In Washington, cocktail events and dinners have been thinly veiled excuses to buttonhole sources and get scoops. In Paris, evenings are for rest and social discourse. Work, whether it is accomplished in any respect, needs to be sneaked in and barely noticeable.

To navigate Paris as an American is to be pressured to decelerate and embrace the method, ideally with a humorousness.

That’s it for this briefing. See you subsequent week.

— Natasha

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