Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy: The swap that made the distinction for Shrijith

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Okay.L. Shrijith acquired his maiden call-up to the Karnataka squad on the idea of stellar performances in latest inter-club limited-overs tournaments.

The Vultures Cricket Club wicketkeeper-batsman earned his spot by ending as the very best run-scorer within the Y.S. Ramaswamy Memorial 50-over match and the KSCA Twenty20 league.

Shrijith and B.R. Sharath are the 2 wicketkeepers within the squad for the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, which commences right here on Sunday.

Mithun’s encouragement

Shrijith’s journey began at Vultures CC a decade in the past. He moved up the ranks shortly, representing the membership within the KSCA first division as a teen. Shrijith credit senior pacer and Vultures teammate A. Mithun for recognizing his expertise early and inspiring him.

Incidentally, Shrijith started as a right-hander earlier than changing into a southpaw.

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“I was ambidextrous when I was younger. When I played tennis-ball cricket, I couldn’t score much when I played right-handed, which is my dominant grip. But once I switched to left-handed, I found I could score more.

“When I started playing leather-ball cricket, I had the same problem. Once, during a tournament, I batted right-handed in the first match and didn’t score runs. So I switched to left for the next game and hit 40-odd.

“I started batting left-handed that day onwards. My coach wasn’t too impressed. I got yelled at that day, but in my defence, I did make it to the Karnataka team (laughs),” Shrijith stated.

Looking forward

The 24-year-old is eager to take advantage of probabilities that will come his manner. “I just want to continue to scoring like I have in the last two-three seasons. I’m doing something right, so I will stick to that for as long as it works. And then I hope to be picked for the IPL,” Shrijith stated.

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