The Department of Defense desires higher batteries

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WASHINGTON – The Department of Defense desires higher batteries for its warfare fighters, and it’s partnering with NanoGraf to develop them.

“Just like we civilians are increasingly relying on cell phones and tablets and everything else, the modern soldier is also transitioning towards these really power heavy devices in the field, [like] night vision goggles, weapon optics, all of the communications devices, GPS,” mentioned Chip Breitenkamp, NanoGraf vp of enterprise growth. “All of those things require more and more power.

“If you take a look at what the soldier has to bring on the field already, between guns, ammunition, water, food, right now the best estimate that I’ve seen […] is that every soldier for ever mission goes out with somewhere between 15 and 25 pounds of batteries just to power all of this stuff,” he continued.

NanoGraf desires to construct vitality dense batteries that scale back that weight whereas permitting warfare fighters to function longer with out changing or recharging their batteries. The firm just lately introduced that DoD had awarded the corporate a $1.65 million Small Business Innovation Research grant to develop silicon anode-based lithion-ion transportable batteries to exchange the graphite anode lithium-ion batteries at the moment utilized by the navy. The objective is to develop batteries with a 50-100 % improve in runtime.

“The technology that we have can be applied to any lithium-ion battery, and what it does is it basically gives the soldier more energy, longer runtime, less weight,” mentioned Breitenkamp. He added that higher batteries may allow rising applied sciences like small drones and augmented actuality units.

He famous that the corporate can at the moment get about 30 % extra vitality density out of their batteries, and their know-how is about 12 months away from being obtainable commercially. Under their contract, NanoGraf might be working immediately with the U.S. Army over the subsequent two years to enhance their know-how and put together to start manufacturing batteries to be used by troopers.

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