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‘Theerthodbhava’ takes place at Talacauvery

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Sacred water gushed from tiny pond watched by a small group, following curbs on public gathering over COVID-19 scare

A small variety of folks witnessed the Cauvery Theerthodbhava at Talacauvery in Kodagu district on Saturday amidst strict enforcement of security precautions over COVID-19 scare.

The ordinary bustle and congregation of hundreds of devotees on the foothills of Brahmagiri for witnessing the divine prevalence was lacking this yr with restrictions imposed on public entry to the positioning for controlling the pandemic unfold. However, all traditions and rituals had been carried out by the clergymen at Talacauvery for the reason that early hours of Saturday, complying with the mandated SOPs.

The sacred water or ‘thirtha’ gushed from the ‘Brahma Kundike’ (a tiny pond) on the Talacauvery temple at 7:04 a.m., a lot to the delight of these eagerly ready for the occasion. The water, stated to be the supply of the Cauvery, was sprinkled on the gathering by the clergymen.

As per the Hindu almanac, the time specified for the emergence of thirtha was 7.03 a.m. This time, it emerged from the pond a minute late.

Minister in-charge of Kodagu V. Somanna, MLA Appachu Ranjan, different elected representatives, Deputy Commissioner Annies Kanmani Joy and others witnessed the prevalence.

Mr. Somanna, after the occasion, stated curbs had triggered disappointment to the folks as they used to take part in massive numbers with nice enthusiasm to witness the event apart from taking a dip within the pond and amassing the holy water. But in view of the pandemic, curbs had turn out to be crucial.

He stated the rituals related to the occasion had been carried out and thanked the folks for cooperating with the administration over its measures. “I have prayed to the Goddess Cauvery to end COVID-19 sufferings,” he informed reporters.

This yr, no particular buses are operating to Talacauvery from Madikeri and different locations, and the motion of personal automobiles too had been restricted to keep away from crowding throughout the occasion.

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