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U.A.E. Changes Laws to Attract Foreign Tourists and Investment

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Other modifications altered the legal guidelines governing divorce and inheritance for non-Emirati residents.

Divorces within the Emirates will now comply with the legislation within the nation the place the wedding was performed, the paper reported. Previously, divorces for non-Muslims adopted the legal guidelines within the husband’s home nation, and divorces between Muslims had been carried out based on Shariah.

Under the brand new legal guidelines, inheritance might be ruled by the legal guidelines of the deceased’s home nation. Previously, inheritance for Muslims was carried out based on Shariah, which normally allots feminine heirs half of what male heirs get, and non-Muslim heirs might petition to have their home nation’s legal guidelines utilized.

The National additionally reported that ingesting alcohol, trying suicide and the cohabitation of single men and women could be decriminalized.

But it was not instantly clear how the brand new authorized regime could be enforced, since native judicial authorities of the nation’s seven emirates have appreciable leeway in making use of the legal guidelines, with the flexibility to find out, for instance, the place alcohol may be legally bought.

“Some of these reforms are quite important,” stated Rothna Begum, senior girls’s rights researcher at Human Rights Watch, particularly mentioning the decriminalization of tried suicide and the removing of lenient sentences “that allow men to kill and harm women in the name of honor.”

But she had not seen the precise texts of the brand new legal guidelines, making it laborious to guage their scope.

The modifications to divorce legal guidelines didn’t apply to Emirati girls, leaving them topic to legal guidelines Ms. Begum referred to as discriminatory. And it was not clear whether or not the modifications that allowed cohabitation of single {couples} eliminated so-called indecency legal guidelines used to punish extramarital intercourse, she stated.

Those legal guidelines had disproportionately been used in opposition to migrant girls, she stated, and allowed girls who reported being raped to be prosecuted for adultery.

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